What to Expect

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Sunday Morning Traditions:

Our updated traditional morning service starts your morning out with a mix of traditional and newer hymns. You’ll find a pleasant, laid back service that is reminiscent of the liturgy and posture of generations past, brought up to date. We provide a children’s teaching service that allows parents to have a quiet meditative morning of worship while the little ones receive age appropriate Biblical teaching and activity.

Small Groups

Life happens in relationship. Being a part of one of our small groups will ensure the building of authentic community around Bible study and prayer, meals and fellowship, and serving our community. Times and locations vary, so check with us today to find a community to suite you!

Holistic Mindset

We are a church that takes a holistic approach to life. Our balance of spiritual, physical, and emotional health sets us apart and gives us an advantage to ministering to the WHOLE person. We believe God’s plan of redemption involves all aspects of life. This includes being proactive in healthy living through diet, nutrition, and exercise. Your children will not be given processed junk food! We actively search out how we might be better stewards of our body, mind and the earth.

Jesus Christ

Everything we say and do revolve around the person and identity of Jesus Christ. His love compels us to love ALL people. His example teaches us that love is practical and tangible. We believe that His authority holds us accountable to keep loving and serving our community. His Gospel transforms our lives and His deity demands our loyal act of worship and surrender. You will hear us teaching and talking about Jesus Christ in all that we do, as we live out the vision of connecting ALL people to Him so that He may heal and develop them.

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