Seeing a healthy generation in a crazy world

Totalfit at the Ridge

Our health is our most valuable commodity. That’s why we take a holistic approach to train all aspects of the human condition. We help you develop physically, spiritually, intellectually, environmentally, socially, and emotionally. Totalfit doesn’t make better athletes. We make better humans.


Training of the future

TOTALFIT is not just physical exercise. This is the way of life of a modern person who strives for improvement, self-knowledge, takes care of others, sets goals and achieves them.

Unique technique

we train the body

We use functional movement performed with high intensity in order to train for a functional world. All our movements are coached and scaled to meet your ability and level of fitness. Come to experience a little competition, a little play, and a lot of community.

we train the Mind

We train the mind in order to handle the stress of this crazy well, and help with ways to alleviate it. Our time together will focus on gratitude, meeting needs, and learning new principles and ideas through storytelling that help to strengthen a healthy mind and emotional health.

we train the spirit

If the body is the vehicle then our spirit is the passenger. We have designed a system that helps develop your spirit as we connect to ourselves, others, and our Creator. Spiritual development is not indoctrination or religion. Is the fitness of faith.

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