About Our Church

The Ridge Church

The Ridge Church is an authentic community of Christ-followers, living life together on a mission of healing and development. Everything we say and do revolve around the person and identity of Jesus Christ. His love compels us to love ALL people. His example teaches us that love is practical and tangible. His authority holds us accountable to keep loving and serving our community. His Gospel transforms our lives and His deity demands our loyal act of worship and surrender. You will hear us teaching and talking about Jesus Christ in all that we do, as we live out the vision of connecting ALL people to Him so that He may heal and develop them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people to Jesus Christ through the Cross and Resurrection, the Word of God, and the Community of Faith. We believe these connections lead to Healing and Development.


  1. Love and care for people
  2. Speaking and defending Truth
  3. Honor God and His church
  4. Using Action to depict our faith
  5. Multiplication of disciples in Christ
  6. Passion in living out God’s purposes
  7. Creativity
  8. Using our God-given Giftedness
  9. Commitment to our word, our calling, and each other
  10. Living as a Community of faith
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