Let the Lord

be the center of your life.

The Lord your God will change your heart so that you will love him with all your heart and soul and so may live! – Dueteronomy 30:6

About Our Staff

Trent Holbert

Lead Pastor, The Ridge Church

Pastor Trent is a gifted communicator and a relational junkie. He loves people and gets his fix from being a positive part of their lives. His ministry mindset is holistic. He believes that God’s plan and design for humans doesn’t stop at spiritual needs. He holds a degree in theology, but as a certified personal trainer and holistic health coach, Trent teaches us how to know our Creator better through optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health. You can hear him weekly on the Fit For the Kingdom Podcast.

What to Expect

Your invitation to get to know us a little better

Sunday Morning Traditions

Our updated traditional morning service starts your morning out with a mix of traditional and newer hymns. You’ll find a pleasant, laid back service that is reminiscent of the liturgy and posture of generations past, brought up to date.

Small Groups

Life happens in relationship. Being a part of one of our small groups will ensure the building of authentic community around Bible study and prayer, meals and fellowship, and serving our community. Times and locations vary, so check with us today to find a community to suite you!

Holistic Mindset

We are a church that takes a holistic approach to life. Our balance of spiritual, physical, and emotional health sets us apart and gives us an advantage to ministering to the WHOLE person. We believe God’s plan of redemption involves all aspects of life.

Want to Help?

Your financial support is very important for our global projects.

Personal Testimony

“Not your run of the mill Church. Refreshingly different and very open to and in tune with what God is doing in our community. Pastor Trent does a great job of showing the love of Father God to those whom many people, especially those with deep religious ties, would normally deem unlovable.”


Nick Z.

“I am so blessed to be a part of such a loving church! This church really cares about people.. both their physical needs and spiritual needs. I love to see how God is using this church in so many ways and am glad to be a small part of it.”



Christine M.

“Absolutely the best church around! These are some of the most loving and caring people I have ever met in my life. Everyone that attends this church is so friendly and non judgmental its amazing. This place is doing wonderful things and really BEING the difference the world needs!”


Anthony W.

Our Ministries

Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry; to build up the Church, the body of Christ". Ephesians 4:12

Ridge Kids

Children are a treasure and a privilege and we take that seriously. Ridge Kids is our ministry to children from the cradle to graduation. 


We know transitioning from kid to adult can be a challenge. New freedoms, new responsibilities. They all come with challenges. 

Worship and Praise

If you are musical, technical, artsy, or creative, you may find a place expressing yourself on our worship and praise team. 

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