Trent Holbert, Lead Pastor, The Ridge Church

Trent Holbert

Lead Pastor

Pastor Trent is a gifted communicator and a relational junkie. He loves people and gets his fix from being a positive part of their lives. His ministry mindset is holistic. He believes that God’s plan and design for humans doesn’t stop at spiritual needs. He holds a degree in theology, but as a certified personal trainer and holistic health coach, Trent teaches us how to know our Creator better through optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health. You can hear him weekly on The Fit For the Kingdom Podcast.

Mandy Holbert, The Ridge Church

Mandy Holbert

Worship Team Leader

Mandy is an accomplished singer/songwriter, who’s musical fusion of folk, rock, and blues sets her apart as a unique gift to the Church. A true bohemian, Mandy leads a colorful life as a homeschool parent, an herbalist and essential oil enthusiast, and a writer. She is passionate about the outdoors where she can get lost in nature and in her thoughts.

Harold Turner, The Ridge Church

Harold Turner

Executive Pastor

Harold is a veteran Senior pastor from Brunswick, GA where he and his wife Ruby served for 17 years. They have 4 daughters and a son. Harold now serves as a leader to interns and summer staffers at the Ridgecrest Conference a center and loves to hike in his free time.

Eric Frierich, The Ridge Church

Eric Frierich

Youth Pastor

Eric serves as the Ridge's youth and children's ministry superintendent. He is married to Teressa and they have 2 children, Ivey and Elijah. Eric is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys mountain biking any chance he can get.